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Article 1
(Provision of Ticket Booking Service)

The member shall be provided with internet ticket booking service for performances and movies. The period for booking follows the guideline on the site, and differs according to the method of payment, method of ticket delivery and the booking service used by the member.

Article 2 (Ticket advance purchase) Clause 1 - Purchasing the Ticket

The user is responsible for any payment information he/she enters on the site. Bookings can be cancelled in the case no qualifying transaction is made within an acceptable period after goods and services have been subscribed by the user.

Article 3 (fee on ticket advance purchase)

Fee will be added when the member books ticket(s) for performances and movies on the site. Booking fee policy may be posted separately on the ticket booking service website.

Article 4 (Refunds, Returns & Exchanges)

The member shall be notified right away in the case goods and services which the member has ordered cannot be delivered or supplied due to certain situations such as being sold-out. In this case, if payment was already made, it will be refunded or processed to be refunded within 3 business days from the date the payment was received.

Article 5 (Cancellation and Refunds of Booked Tickets)

Cancellation of booked ticket(s) is (are) possible before the cancellation period deadline.

Clause 1.

The criteria for designating the deadline for purchasing and cancellation of the ticket(s) may vary according to each goods and services.

Clause 2.

The deadline for purchasing or cancellation of the ticket(s) as noted in Clause 1 of Article 5 is subject to change made by the host or venue of the event.

Clause 3.

The purchaser can visit the allocated ticket office or the headquarters before the cancellation deadline outlined in Clause 2 of Article 5 and cancel the ticket(s) in person.

Clause 4.

The ticket(s) cannot be cancelled or refunded from the ticket booking service in the case the purchaser has failed to take the necessary steps in the cancellation procedure before the cancellation deadline. For movies, the purchaser must follow the cancellation regulations of the movie theater indicated in the booking.

Clause 5.

In the case ticket(s) was/were purchased over the phone the purchaser can cancel the booking through phone before the cancellation deadline as noted in Clause 2 of Article 5.

Clause 6.

In the case the ticket(s) was/were delivered to the purchaser, cancellation is possible only if he or she returns the ticket(s) and the ticket(s) arrive at the ticket office by the indicated cancellation deadline.

Clause 7.

The cancellation fee may differ according to individual goods and services. It may also be omitted under certain circumstances.

Clause 8.

Cancellation, changes or reissuing of ticket(s) may not be permitted if the purchaser has lost or damaged the booked ticket(s).


Collection of Personal Information for Ticket Booking Service.

The company may collect/use member’s essential information (necessary information) to perform essential functions and to process business of the Melon ticket service, and may also selectively collect/use additional information (optional information) to provide services on behalf of member’s requests and necessities. If collection of additional information is required for using individual services, the company is required to ask specific consents from the user.

① Items of collected personal information and their purposes. Clause 1- Personal information collected

Necessary information : name, email address, password

Clause 2- Purposes for gathering personal information according to each article:

confirmation of Users' intent to join membership, verification of his/her identity for the use of Services, management of membership, prevention of illegal use of the Services, notification and notice to Users, and record keeping for dispute resolution.

② Personal information/ period of retention and application

Personal Information shall be retained and applied until the member's withdrawal and termination of membership or consent, and all personal information will be eliminated immediately following the attainment of purpose of personal information. However, personal information of the member will be retained when needed according to regulations and laws concerning Consumer Protection, such as commercial and e-commerce laws. In the above case, the applicable personal information will be retained only for custody purposes.

Period of retention after withdrawal of contract or subscription: 5 years

Period of retention for information regarding payment transaction and provision of goods: 5 years

Period of retention related to consumer complaints and handling of dispute: 3 years

For safekeeping of the member's personal information and to make sure that no damages occur due to the disclosure of personal information, personal information will be eliminated in the following ways:

Personal information on printed matter will be pulverized or incinerated.

Digital personal information will be deleted through technical means which will disallow its regeneration

International Transfer of Personal Information

Your personal information (PI) may be transferred to third countries outside of your country. Please see details below :

① The third party and country to where PI is transferred

Kakao Entertainment Corp. / Korea

② The items of PI transferred

Name, e-mail address, password, mobile/phone number, credit card information, fanclub ID, shipping address, nationality, gender, date of birth, IP address, cookie information, type of web browser/OS, keyword used, access logs, date of visit, service use logs

③ The purposes of PI transfer (For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy)

To manage membership

To provide products and services

To operate ticket reservation (purchase & confirmation)

To operate Services including responding to customer inquiries

④ The transfer method

Network Transmission

⑤ The security measures implemented

The company applies security measures including but not limited to data encryption, access control, anti-virus, and 24/7 security monitoring.

If you have any inquiries on international transfer or exercising your rights regarding your PI, please contact us at


  • For fast booking, please don't close the browser after you enter your information. (Once you close the browser, you will need to re-enter all information as you carry out your booking.)
  • Please remember your booking information to confirm your ticket.